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DBM Entertainment is the online source for CDs & Vinyl records from Atticus & Private Angel recording artists, including Stephen Doster and Rick Busby, among others. For complete artist bios, click here.

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DBM Entertainment owns two music labels, Atticus and Private Angel. To learn more about the labels, their artists, records, upcoming projects and products, click here.

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DBM Entertainment features music from Stephen Doster, Rick Busby and Bob Cheevers, among others. View all our music releases here.

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Stephen Doster's "Arizona" and Rick Busby's "Strawberry Moon" will have vinyl releases in late 2016, along with Devin Jake's new release, "Days Into Years." Learn More.

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DBM Entertainment distributes the music podcast, The Atticus Report, and will unveil a spiritual podcast, Soul Diving, later in 2016. Learn more about our podcasts here.

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The DBM Entertainment online store features branded merchandise from Atticus and Private Angel, including t-shirts, ball caps, coffee cups and more. Shop for all of our merchandise here.

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